Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Slicing Means To Me

My slice is about the slice itself & how grateful I am for it. Before I started my slice today, I was reading & commenting on other slices. One slice I read instantly brought me back to when my son was little. It is for this reason & well so many others that I LOVE slicing each week. I have met such kind, compassionate, dedicated & sweet educators that keep me coming back each week. I love to read what others are doing in their classes, I love to hear what others are struggling with in their classes, how others are approaching things we are facing in education. This is an amazing group of people & I am thankful for this opportunity each week for the glimpse into each person's world & for the opportunity to receive feedback on what I say. The feedback I receive is invaluable & means the world to me! Thank you slicers! I'm off to read more slices!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm teaching Kindergarten this year, oh my gosh five year olds say & do the darndest things. We've been planning, wishing for, dancing & reading all about snow & snowmen. The day we had hoped for had arrived! We spent Friday going back & forth watching the weather report. Yup! There was snow in the forecast & boy were we excited. We read the book, "Snow Dance." I had purchased a snowman building kit, we wrote How-To's on building a snowman. We even did our very own snow dance. We were ready & now it was all up to mother nature to make our wishes come true! When putting my student's on the bus Friday afternoon I wished them a great weekend & reminded them, don't forget to hope for snow tomorrow & bring your snow gear to school on Monday!
Over night the storm snuck in quietly & I awoke to beautiful white blanket of snow all over my car, trees, lawn etc! Wahoo! I was so excited, just wish I was in school today to share this excitement with my students. I immediately jumped out of bed & ran for my camera in case some of my student's were missing out on this white splendor! Monday just wouldn't be here quick enough...I could just feel their excitement as they entered the room Monday morning! One of my English language learners walks in, big smile on his face & rushes up to me. I can feel his excitement, I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the snowstorm, I wonder did he go sledding, did he make a snowman? snowangel? snowballs? He is giddy with excitement, Mrs. P, Mrs. P, Mrs P, I'm answering & he does not even hear me, Yes, S, yes, what are you so excited about? He whips off his hat & says, "LOOK...no more hair, I have bugs!" Yup...I teach Kindergarten & I JUST LOVE THEM because you never know what they are going to say...& by the way, we did get to make our snowman, thankfully before it rained & took away all the snow! Not sure who was more excited, me or them? I think it might have been me.....which is why I should continue to teach Kindergarten because it is just so much fun!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making 2012 a Great Year…

I promised myself that this year, 2012 I would make more time for the things that bring me joy and pleasure. This past year was very crazy, very draining on me & time just flew by too fast. Quite frankly, a blur. I have noticed that I am having a hard time remembering things. My memory is going, could be my age, yes, but I think it is that too much stuff, too much stress & not enough of doing things that are good for me. SO I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life in order to de-stress me, I decided it was time to write more and find more time to do the things I love. I wanted to make more time for reading, running and my crafts. I did find some time to get to the store and buy some fabric. I was very excited about picking out fabric. I did download some books that have been on my list to read, but I have yet to begin to read them. Every night since the last day I ran, December 26th, I lay out my clothes for the gym, but the alarm goes off & I shut it off. I have tried leaving running quotes on my phone, reminders on my phone, motivational blogs are in my reader, I even put new songs on my I-pod, all things to motivate & excite me, I have all good intentions & yet, I still have not gotten to the gym. So, today I decided, I will write about my intentions, I will blog about them, I will make a calendar of my intentions, as well as a calendar of my workouts, Something that I will look at & will hold me more accountable, a schedule that I will need to fit in my life. I need to "schedule" in the things I like otherwise other silly things will get in the way & I will not get to the things I truly love to do! Here it goes, I've written it down…..I hope this works!