Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Slicing Means To Me

My slice is about the slice itself & how grateful I am for it. Before I started my slice today, I was reading & commenting on other slices. One slice I read instantly brought me back to when my son was little. It is for this reason & well so many others that I LOVE slicing each week. I have met such kind, compassionate, dedicated & sweet educators that keep me coming back each week. I love to read what others are doing in their classes, I love to hear what others are struggling with in their classes, how others are approaching things we are facing in education. This is an amazing group of people & I am thankful for this opportunity each week for the glimpse into each person's world & for the opportunity to receive feedback on what I say. The feedback I receive is invaluable & means the world to me! Thank you slicers! I'm off to read more slices!


elsie said...

Comments are the best treat and there are no calories involved. You are so right, this is an amazing group of writers who share a piece of their lives with post.

Michelle said...

All so true! It is wonderful to reflect back on the reason why we write and share with others. It's an amazing group and what fun it is to peek into classrooms and homes around the world! We are still one in the same in so many aspects of life, but yet so unique.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today and thanks for your comments as well!

Stephanie McCabe said...

I feel the same way about "slicing" & feel guilty when I skip weeks at a time. I started my students doing Slice of Life Tuesday in their writer's notebooks, and those are always the days that get the most positive feedback.

Have a great week!

Linda at teacherdance said...

What a nice thing for me to open, your blog! I believe this group is quite wonderful, too, & am glad you came to be with us. Looking forward to reading more from you, Katy!