Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SOLC Tues...busy, crazy day

Today I left work early. I had two doctor appointments. My school is almost an hour from my home. My home and my doctors are all west of my school. It took me an 1.5 to get to my first doctors appointment. I just made my cardiology appointment. PHEW! I literally run in since my cardiologist does not like to run late. I get in and his office is packed with people. Hmmmm...it is NEVER like this. I was wondering what he was giving away. There were so many people there! However, I signed in and turned to sit down and was immediately called for my EKG. This was a good sign. This went quickly and as soon as that was done I was taken to see my cardiologist. Perhaps those waiting were not waiting for my doctor. It was business as usual. He went over my numbers and business as usual means, he would like to increase my medication dosage. I proceed to argue. He has been my doctor for 4 years now. He is used to me. I am used to him. We have done this dance before! Until he throws a monkey wrench at me. Something I was not expecting. When my heart issues first began I had ablation surgery. It was not successful. They then played with my medications to get things just right. While they did this they took driving away from me for 6 VERY long and agonizing months. It was truly torture to me. He brought that up to me again. That if he was to switch meds on me, I would most likely have to suspend driving again till I was adjusted to the meds. WELL....without hesitation I gave him a flat out NO! He said he knew I would say that. SO...we are at a standstill! I'm frustrated...so is he.
But... I left doing what I need to do because I take care of myself. I have to. I will up my dose. I will watch how my reaction is. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to up the dosage and my blood pressure will not drop as a result and I will remain in the uppward position and not pass out, literally. Hopefully having been on these meds for a long time now my body will not overcompensate as it has done in the past...He gave me one week to try it out. I will be on vacation and will not be driving. It will be a perfect time to try this out. If I have a reaction I will know right away and I will not have to worry about work or driving. It is a good time to try this. I find this all so maddening!!! Let's hope this works this time. I really don't want to not drive again...