Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How did this happen? AND Please tell me it is a mistake!

On Thursday afternoon I was getting ready to fix dinner when my daughter came running out of the bedroom yelling to me that a former student of mine died today. "Mom, oh my god, mom, you know that student you were helping out last year, the one in my English class, he, ummm, he died today!" I was taken aback, searching my brain to figure out which student she was referring to. Before I could search my brain for who she was talking about, she had blurted out that, G was dead. What? No? That just can't be I said increduolously! You are absolutely wrong about this Michaela. There must be some mistake? Right? He can't be dead? Oh my god, someone please tell me that this is a dream and that what she is saying is not true! I then immediately ran for my cell phone to call my friend, who was G's Uncle. I wanted to speak to him, he would tell me that this was all wrong, that she was mistaken and that her information was incorrect and that the kids on facebook had it all wrong. After all, what the heck do his friends know? How could they possibly know what was going on with their friend? RIGHT? RIGHT? I was a frantic mess trying to find my friend's number, fumbling through my cell phone contact list to get his number. I first call his house, no answer, I then call his cell. After the second ring he answers and I knew immediately from the sound of his voice, that the news was indeed true, that the dear, sweet boy that I had in first grade was gone, that what the kids were reporting on facebook was true, that G had somehow died today. I managed to get out my name, J, it's Katy..I heard something about G and then I burst into tears b/c he confirmed with his tears that G was gone and all I could do was cry and tell him I was so sorry! I am so, so, so sorry! What can I do? Can I do anything for you? How is your wife? Is his Grandma ok? Oh my god, I can't believe this? WHy? WHy is a fifteen year old boy, who should be in the prime of his life dead?

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