Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress...Slow...but it is progress!

On Saturday we hit 8 months, 8 months since the accident. I made it through the day without crying all day. It has been such a long, up-hill recovery for my boy! He has made remarkable progess. Recently though he hit a stand-still or even should I say, a road block & I really began to worry. He began to worry as well. This became a vicious cycle for him & I. He worried he would not make anymore progess & that life would be a constant struggle for him, that words would never come for him, that he would never be the same boy he was before the accident. I did not know how to tell him, that he would never be the same boy he was before. I didn't think that this was all bad, it just was the facts. He was different! Not a bad different, just different, he was more cautious, more reserved, more mature. I think it just happens after a life altering, tragic experience such as this. He is a miracle. He is our towns miracle, his friends miracle, his schools mircacle, my miracle. This changes you & how you look at things! He continues to make progress, but it is not as fast as the first 8 months, so it is frustrating to him. I feel so bad for him. But, I believe in him, I know he can do it! afterall, he came this far, he got through the hardest parts, he can get through these parts! Slow & steady wins the race! Keep taking those steps my boy!

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