Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ferry Ride

Embarking on the ferry we were tired, so we quickly found our seats, grabbed our phones and waited for the ferry to take off. We were coming off a busy weekend and were happy that this leg of the journey home was now at the end. Only 1 more hour and we would be home. It is always when you are least expecting something, when your guard is down that things can really catch you and grab you and you have the incredulous thought, like, "what is going on?" and "how did this happen?". That is what happened to me when the ferry began to rock n roll like we were caught in a hurricane. The first lurch I looked at my husband as if, "did you feel that?" or "was that just me look?" However, one look at his face and I knew that it was not just me that felt the lurch and pitching forward that practically pitched me out of my seat. Oh boy is all I could think, this was not going to be the quiet and quick ride home I was anticipating...nope, not in the least! I quickly scanned the people around me, those who were still up and about the boat who were now trying to make it to their seats safely without winding up in others laps or better yet, falling down and hurting themselves. The lurching and pitching continued to get much worse! I then realized my daughter had not returned yet to her seat. I began to worry, what if it was difficult for her to make it back to her seat, the boat was really rocking now!!! People were walking holding on to things! I began to see people making a bee-line for the outside, uh-oh, those must be the people who do not like to have their tummy's go up/down, up/down and all around! I happen to be one of those people. It is at this point that I begin to feel this panic begin to creep up in me b/c my daughter still has not returned to her seat. I am trying my hardest to not let my husband see that I am about to completely freak out! That last lurch almost felt as if the boat was going to completely roll over! omg...I can feel my heart racing, racing, racing, like everyone on this boat, with all it's noise can hear how fast it is beating, how they can hear the inner voice in my head telling myself that it is all going to be ok! (when in all honesty, I do not know that for sure, who really knows anything for sure, but my little voice is telling me, relax, it will be ok)ALthough, right now, it does not feel ok, the boat has begun to slow down, the rocking and rolling is starting to slow down now! Oh thank god, I spot my daughter, my heart has begun to slow down, slower, slower, slower, finally I see her making her way toward us, she is holding on the seats to make her way to us safely so she does not fall, b/c even though in my head I keep saying it is getting better, the boat really is still rocking and rolling a LOT! She gets to us and says, "wow, can you believe this?" I just catch her eye and nod, that is all I am able to do, b/c if I open my mouth, who knows what might sneak out, I might actually tell them all how truly frightened I am and how I am about to freak out! So for now, I just nod! She sits down and I just keep looking out the window for signs of how close we are to getting to the other side, when the announcer comes on. PHEW! "Will all drivers and their passengers please make their way to their cars, we will be arriving shortly and docking at our destination, blah, blah, blah." was all I heard after that b/c I was just so elated that we were entering our destination which meant calmer seas, going slower and getting off this boat! I had never heard greater words! I was so happy! As we practically ran for the exit of the ferry, I heard my phone go off, it was my sister, who was on a ferry coming from a different destination, apparently having the same issues, she was wondering, "Is your boat getting hammered by waves?" We are getting killed and people are getting sick over the sides!" ahhh, another peaceful crossing apparently! So glad to be home!

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