Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today was just one of those days! Just one of those days when you think....should I have done it that way? Should I have said it this way? Should I have just stayed in bed under those nice warm covers and just slept the day away or better yet, just stayed in bed, in my pj's reading a great book. The alarm went off at the usual time, 4:15AM. Early you think, yup it is early. But, I have not gone to to the gym in two weeks and I wanted to get back there, so, I set my alarm to go off at that ungodly hour! HA! HA! The alarm went off, but of course I was already awake, having been awakened about an hour before from a nightmare. Of course I was not able to shake that nightmare, I was now tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep..nope, no sleep and now, of course, I am tired and just can't seem to get motivated to get out of bed, so I hit the snooze, again, and again and again. When finally I have past the point of no return, I can no longer go to the gym. I will not get back in time for work. Sadly, I will not go to the gym another day. Another day of missing a workout that would be so good for my body and soul, if I could only drag my sorry, old butt to the gym b/c as it turns out, today was just one of those days, one of those days where everyone felt the need to tell me, just tell me all the things that were wrong with this and wrong with that. It was the day that the darling daughter snuck into her HS bathroom and sent a text message to her Grandfather to come and get her from school b/c she was not feeling well and wanted to go home and they let her go home! WHAT? REALLY? How does that happen? No phone call to me? No seeing the nurse first? It was the day that just seemed to sneak up on me and had I gone to the gym perhaps I would not have felt that way. Let's see what tomorrow's 4:15 wake up call will bring me? WIll it bring me motivation and determination? OR WIll it bring me more arm bending to hit the snooze button? I am surely hoping that it brings me determination and motivation, I sure need it!

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