Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sunday night craziness

Each Sunday the same feelings start to erupt inside of me as the sun goes down. I find myself glancing at the clock as I am trying to frantically race against it. I always tell myself that Sunday is my take it easy day, I sleep late, I do not usually go to the gym, have tea in bed with my hubby and yet I find myself filled with lots of anxiety as the evening rolls on. I find that each weekend goes faster and faster, especially now that holiday time is upon us. There is so much to do and just not enough time to do it. How do I find the right balance? Laundry, cooking, cleaning are the normal weekend activites, now add in marking mid-term papers, getting my final ready, decorating the house, shopping for the upcoming holiday, extra cleaning to get ready for the holiday, wrapping, Christmas cards, making gifts, and holiday cooking. I find myself completely overwhelmed and exhausted! Despite trying my hardest this year to do so much ahead of time, this holiday season has just snuck up on me and I am trying so very hard to not lose sight of the true meaning of the season and not get myself crazy. On top of the normal craziness of the season, it is my daughter's 16th birthday this December. My niece and nephews have birthdays in December and it will be my 20th wedding anniversary. Honestly, I don't think I can squeeze one more festive thing into this month! How do you do it all and stay sane? I am not sure I have the answer. My tree is still not up, the cards are not done, the house is still not completely clean and I have half the mid-terms marked! I seem to not be able to get out of my own way! I have always wondered if an extra pair of hands would help at this time of year or even on Sundays when I am running around trying to get all that needs to be done for the week done. I try to do as much as I can on Saturday so that Sunday is not as stressful and yet, the same anxiety happens to me! Does this happen to anyone else? Are there any solutions to this dilemma? OR, perhaps I need to go to the gym on Sundays and perhaps that would ease the anxiety on Sunday night! Someday, I know it will get better, yes it will, when I retire!

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