Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brandy the wonder Dog!

While washing my hair today my one year old pup got herself into quite a bit of mischief! She is really craving attention since our 15 year old Jack Russell passed away. I was only distracted with washing my hair for about 15 mins. Well, that is all it took for this crazy pup to grab my medicine off the counter, run with it to the bedroom and manage to chew off the top of the baby proof bottle! So much for the baby proof bottle. We need puppy proof bottles! In fifteen minutes she managed to chew the cap and lid off the bottle. Thankfully, I caught her in time before she had eaten any of the pills that were in the bottle. It took me a few seconds of calming myself down to realize that she must not have gotten any of the pills out of the bottle. There were none spilled out of the bottle, she was acting as herself, all of the pills were still down at the bottom of the bottle. I think we were lucky! We had averted danger this time. BUT, now I must look around the house as if a toddler lives here and think of all the things I worry about a little baby could hurt themselves with yet, it is what will this little pup hurt herself with? Who knew??? Puppy proof the house! Crazy day..........

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