Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before and After

I have begun to define my life as before the accident and after the accident. I remember a friend that used the term "BC" & "AC" it stood for before children and after children. I always thought it was strange that she would refer to her life in such a manner. I once asked her about that. She explained that her life changed so drastically that her and her husband began to refer to their lives in those terms. Before children and after children. I never fully understood why she would describe her life like that. However, they were married for a very long time before they had children. Life before children and after children, was, well, now so very different! Now, I understand, not in the terms that she described, but in terms of how their lives were so different "before" and "after"! Drastically different is what my life is like "before" the accident and "after" the accident! It is about how life is going along in one direction and then turns in a completely different direction and you did not even see it coming, you did not have time to prepare for it and now, well, you are going to have to catch up and you are now in the "after" phase of your life! I am readjusting to my life in the "after" the accident phase. It is a different path. I can do it. It is "after" and I can do "after"! After all in this "after" the accident phase our path maybe different than what we thought but it could end up being better than anticipated. We just need to readjust to the "after"

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