Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It is all in your perspective

I woke up this morning tired, dog bone tired. Getting out of bed was hard, it was like dragging an elephant out of bed, especially because it was bitterly cold! I did not have much sleep as usual. Sleeping since my son's accident has been very hard. Last night was not any different. On top of it when my son works late or answers a fire call I tend to get anxious making sleep even worse. So last night was just a perfect storm to make sleeping non-existent. My son worked the night shift, answered two ambulance calls and to top it off, the temperatures dropped and there was lots of black ice out. It was as I said a perfect storm of emotions for a nervous mom like me. I had finally drifted off to sleep when my son came home from his last ambulance call. He was trying to be quiet, however, he just couldn't contain himself, "ma, ma, you asleep?" He does certainly know his mom! I replied that I was indeed "not" sleeping! I asked if he needed me. His reply from the kitchen (of course what does a growing nineteen year old do at 3 in the morning after answering calls, but eat!) Nah, just wanted you to know, I made the local fire department paper. I am excited, you can hardly see me, but I am in it. Kyle that is great news I told him. Leave the paper on the coffee table for me to see in the morning I told him. I am going to sleep now or at least I sure hope so. I quickly went to sleep. In the morning I looked at the paper and saw a glimpse of my son in that Local Fire Department paper. I could see him. I could see the grin of my boy, my boy who almost six months ago doctors told me may not live through the night. My boy who learned to walk, talk and learn everything all over again. That picture made me realize it is all going to be ok even if I can't sleep. Sleep is going to come again. He is going to continue to heal and recover. When I did finally get up and out this morning, there was this beautiful snow on the ground. The snow made me think that it is time to appreciate all the beautiful, small things in life!


Anonymous said...

That's so nice that he wanted to share it with you -- even if it was the middle of the night.

Here's to hoping you sleep better this evening.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize heartily with your inability to sleep -- I would be a zombie in your shoes. You and your son are very, very brave!