Thursday, December 30, 2010

He may be a big boy........but still need his mom!

Something dawned on me today that made me realize that although he is growing up, pulling away and says that he wants mom to cut the apron strings and let go, he still needs his mom. No matter what age, they will always need their mom! In stages you let go, they come back and then they fly again. It is our job as parents to teach them how to fly. Their whole lives we are preparing them how to fly. When the time comes to let them go and fly, it is so hard, harder than you expected. They are ready, you taught them to fly, let them soar! Today I reminded him about something very little, something that he needed to take care of that he had not taken care of it. He got mad and wanted me to take care of it, I had to step back and not take over. It is very easy to just take it over. I did it, I backed off and said, no, this is your job. You need to take care of this. As I took myself out of the situation, he had no choice but to run with it and he did it and was FINE! We were both fine! He can fly and I can let him and still be his mom!

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