Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Smile for the camera!

Life is speeding by at such a fast rate that I need to remind myself, breath, look around, take it all in. I've become the picture fanatic in our family. I take pictures of EVERYTHING, every event. I do this because of the lightening rate that time is going by. I want to be able to look back & remember those times, look at those pictures and have myself instantly transported back to that moment. Unfortunately, not all my family members understand or share my love of the photo. Oh well, someday they will! SMILE!


teacherdance said...

It does seem so fast. You said it fast, too. I want to recommend the Ali Edwards blog, all about keeping those times & photos so near to your heart.

Pettit said...

Thank you for the recommendation, could you send me the link if you get a chance?