Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week we had parent teacher conferences. I am exhausted I must say! I always find them exhausting! I had 15 conferences in one evening, from 4-9 & then another 14 from 7:30 am till 1:00PM the next day! PHEW! However, I must say, I enjoy my conferences. I know, sounds crazy right? I find conference time most helpful to me as a teacher. It is my time to help me fill the pieces of the puzzle, to help me get to know my students a little more. This is the time to complete the puzzle. How do I get little Johnny to finish his work a little quicker? Why is it that little Suzie does not like gym? It is so important to build the pieces between home & school, the parents are the key to this piece. I leave conference time with my head spinning, filled with the new information that I have learned, filled with new ideas of how, of why...I leave excited & filled with new hope that together we will help all my students achieve & find success. So yes, I'm exhausted! I may not have taught during those conferences, but I sure was working! I was learning, thinking, listening, talking....phew! No wonder our student's are so tired at the end of the day!

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