Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writing & Running

TC has been talking alot this year about setting goals, specifically, writing goals, getting kids to write more. Writing longer & stronger. On two writing teachers, they spoke about it as well. I couldn't help but make a connection to how writing strong and long can be linked to my running life as well! I run, well, I should say, I try to run. I set goals, I try to meet those goals, I do not always achieve them, but I set goals. I believe it is the same in writing workshop. We need to have our student's set goals for themselves in writing. I also try to set goals for myself in writing. Goals that I want to accomplish. My student's need to set goals that they want & can accomplish. When I began to run I didn't set out to run the NYC marathon, I set out small. I ran small races first, then I set goals that were for bigger races, 1/2 marathons, (although illnesses, injuries have kept me from achieving those goals, the training did happen)so the practice was put in place! In my class we began this year setting small goals, when our year began my Kindergartners began reading & writing for 5 mins. Now it is November, they are reading for almost 15 minutes and writing for over 30 mins. They practiced to build up for the long & the strong. Practice is key, but so is the goal setting, knowing where you want to end up.
This year I am not coaching, I am back in the classroom, so I'm thinking of my own writing, my own goals in writing, what ways will I push myself professionally? I do not have access to other coaches where we brainstorm & talk about such things, ways we can push our student's to write strong & long. So my goal this year to find other teacher's on-line & in other venues that are trying to do the same things as myself! I am also thinking of reaching out to other like minded teacher's & starting a writing group. The past 2 years due to budget issues I have not attended NCTE where I learned so much. So again, I am going to think of other ways to grow my thinking.

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