Thursday, April 21, 2011

Laughter really is the best medicine!

Last night my best friend & I went to country night at a restaurant/bar that was hosted by our local Country Music station. My friend & I share this LOVE of country music as well as the love of country line dancing, although the later we really don't know how to do, we just wish we knew how to do. We were so excited about this night, we talked about what we were going to wear, we even went shopping a few days ahead of time to get our very own cowgirl hats! I would even say we were giddy with anticipation...The hype did not disappoint. We arrived, laughing all the while in the car discussing if we would be the oldest people in the place. We were in luck! We were most certainly NOT the oldest people in the place. The place was crowded with people of all age groups. Who knew that country music was alive & thriving on Long Island. Much to our delight, they were already teaching newbies, such as us how to line dance, boy, we were in the right place. My girlfriend & I laughed, danced, laughed some more, sweated, laughed so much more. We laughed at how we could not catch on to the dances, we laughed at how we would turn the wrong way & be facing in different directions than everyone else, we would laugh when we finished WITH everyone & we laughed because we were just having a great time! WHO KNEW that country line dancing could make you laugh so much! People were so helpful & would just stop on the dance floor & show you some moves. It was a wonderful night, one we will be sure to repeat again in the future!

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ka said...

Had the best making memories with you that we will laugh about when we are old and gray!!!! xoxo