Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life has been so crazy & hectic that I have not been able to take the time to sit & write on my blog. You know what I noticed about not writing each day or at least once a week for the Tuesday slice? I grew a little weaker as a writer! I know, sounds silly, but it is true. I went to write an email today to a teacher, it was a "delicate" email to write. However, I feel it became even more difficult to write because my writing muscles were not as strong as they could be due to lack of use. I had difficulty finding just the write words. I found myself at a loss for exactly what I wanted to say. I often sat there looking at a blank screen unsure of exactly what I wanted to say. This reminded me of why our students NEED to write everyday. We tell them they need to grow their reading & writing muscles. However, did we really believe what we were telling them. I know I believed it, but do some of you REaLLY BELIEVE IT??? Did I SELL it to kids with that enthusiasm and conviction that gets kids on board and buy into what I am doing? I can't wait to share this little piece of discovery with some of my teachers who, like me, really "believe" in the writing we are doing. I hope they share in my excitement about my discovery & perhaps we can start our own writing group or I can get them to join this slicing adventure on Tuesdays.

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