Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are on Spring Break. I love being home with my kids. It is so different being home with my kids now as opposed to when they were little. They don't want to go, go, go like they used to. They want to go of course, but they want to go, without me. This makes me sad. When they were little, all you wanted was some time for yourself. NOW, now that I have this time, it is not all that it is cracked up to be! I miss when they were little and we went for trips to the park, trips to the toy store, trips to the musuem. I so cherish those memories. I just wish they were still little just a little bit longer! On Friday my daughter asked if we could do something together, oh yes, another memory for us together.


Elizabeth G. said...

Thank you for the reminder to value these busy times. My boys are young right now and I value the quiet moments because the loud moments are the norm. These days will not last, and they go so quickly. I will try to relish the craziness of our lives at the moment.

teacherdance said...

My daughter is grown now, with a daughter too, & we relish those moments together, all too few. You will have those times too in the future. I'm glad you'll have some time together.