Saturday, March 3, 2012


Truth be told, my husband is smarter than me! He loves when I say that! I don't mean this sarcastically, I mean it truly, he is smarter than me in the common sense, see the full picture, thinking with your head, not your heart sense. When we got married we had our first child, our son, 10.5 months after our wedding. Yes I guess you could say, a delayed honey-moon baby. We were young, starry-eyed and SHOCKED but, thrilled all at the same time. His arrival brought great joy to our lives and we quickly fell into the routine of domestic chaos! Diapers, work, laundry, sleepless nights and you guessed it, more chaos, sleepless nights and laundry, all the things that come with having a new baby! Three and half-years later we were thrilled to find out we were having our second child. Life was good! So imagine my shock when my husband told me that this child would be our last! Hmmm, what? I asked? Your kidding me? This was not in our plan? We were planning on having four children…you can't change the plan! He explained how he never really thought it all through, what it would be like as they got older, the bills, the homework etc, and besides, his final logical argument, car doors only come with two windows one for each child, eliminating arguments and when we go out, we each have a child. If we have more children we increase the possibility of losing one! WhaT? LOSING ONE? You think if we have more than two children we will loose one? He was dead serious! When I thought about what he was saying he was right(not about the car doors or losing children), but for many reasons and I trusted him, completely and the decision was made, we would only have two children…

Twenty-years later we are at dinner, just the two of us and the conversation turns to the night he announced he only wanted to have two children. He brought it up because friends of ours, who are our age almost, only slightly younger, had children much later in life

than us and are now having a third child…I chuckled and said, glad that is NOT us! He says, I guess she didn't marry the smart guy who knows all about the logistics of car doors. For some reason, this just made me laugh so hard, perhaps I give him too much credit, perhaps my husband is not so smart after all…logistics of car doors! He kills me sometimes…LOVE him, but sometimes men are from Mars!


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wakeupandwrite said...

It is interesting to contemplate decisions we've made in the past - thinking of the logic we used then and what occurs to us now. I remember a friend of mine who was seriously considering a 2-seater sports car. Half a year later they were expecting twins!