Thursday, March 8, 2012


It is truly the little things that I most appreciate about my husband. It didn't take long for me to realize and appreciate these little things about him. I know when I learned to let the big things go and appreciate the little things, it was shortly after we were married and our first child was born. I had just returned to work after my six-week maternity leave, I was tired, no, exhausted, overwhelmed and slightly complaining about something very trivial one day at very wise older teacher said to me, don't sweat the small stuff, when he forgets to do those small things that drive you crazy remember to be grateful. Grateful that your husband is there to forget to close that shower curtain & say that to yourself when your closing it & she said ENVISION how sad you would be if he was no longer there! Those words 20 + years ago never left me. So I began to appreciate my husband more. I began to look at him differently. I stopped sweating those trivial things and focused on the important things, those small, kind, loving things he does on a daily basis that shows he loves me and his children. Today was a perfect example. I had a very difficult week. My husband works many long hours as a driver for UPS. He calls every night when he is on his way home to let me know he is on his way and I then finish getting dinner ready, so it is hot and ready when he gets in the door. Tonight at 7:45 he calls, this is around the usual time. I pick up and say, "How was your day?, are you on your way?" see you in 20 minutes?", to which he replies, "ummm, no, more like an hour or so!" I was like, oh boy, you were not kidding you were swamped today!" He laughs and says, YES! And NO!" I'm stopping at the stores first! I was curious, why?" You see we are having our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade & Party this coming Sunday. We will be having 40+ people over for Corn Beef, Irish Soda Bread etc. My husband didn't want me to have to go and do the shopping after work tomorrow, he wanted me to come home and relax or get out and go for my run. So, there he was at 8 something at night after a hard day of delivering boxes, food shopping so that I could relax tomorrow! My husband is kind, thoughtful, loving and compassionate and it is the little things that mean the most! I don't need flowers, food shopping was like a HUGE bouquet of roses. Roses don't last, but the memory of his thoughtfulness, PRICELESS! Oh, I almost forgot the best part, he doesn't let me cook it either! YUP, he sure is a keeper!


Tara said...

You are one lucky lady...but, I can tell that you would have done the same for him. How blessed you both are! Enjoy that party - 40 people, whew!

pamelahodges said...

Thank you for writing your slice. Your friends words were very wise to be grateful, and a good reminder to me.
I am thankful your son has recovered from his accident.
I hope you have a fun party.

Christy Rush-Levine said...

The first principal my husband and I worked under had a nickname for him: The Keeper. She meant that he was a keeper in our school world, but I know it means much more than that to me. I love that your husband has that same something for you! It is so true that the ordinary things are the ones that make the biggest difference in our lives, that mean the most.

That was one wise woman you worked with and you are one wise woman to take her words to heart!

Pettit said...

@ Tara,Yes, I do feel lucky and blessed! Thanks for commenting on my slice! Yes, 40 people, this is a family tradition 20 years now...every year we add a few more people! It is a blast!
My friend was so wise! I'm glad it served as a reminder for you too! Thank you for thinking of my son, everyday I'm so grateful that he continues to recover!
all the best,

Pettit said...

@Christy-We are so lucky that we have a keeper. It was one of the first things my mom said about my husband when she met him. Thanks for visiting and writing. I do look forward to learning through your comments!